About Us

Joshua Duran was born in Nottingham England, and moved the U.S. in 1999. Graduating high school in 2012 and not knowing what route to take in life. Josh thought hard about what he’d already knew how to do, and what he was good at.

Ever since Josh was a kid he remembers his dad working for moving companies and being a sub-contractor for various businesses. He used to take Josh out on the jobs since he was 10.

This is why Josh and his dad decided to open our their own moving company, Miura Moving. They provide a quality service with family values, and taking away the stress of moving for people and their families.

Josh enjoys music, going to the park with his son, and working on cars

Salvador Duran was born in Bueu Pontevedra, Spain. He moved to the U.S. in 1999 with a Christian Outreach Ministry, and parted ways with them in 2008.

With a passion for helping others, Salvador decided to open a family moving company, Miura Moving, with his son Josh in 2014.

Salvador enjoys working on cars and spending time with family.